Alameda Kiwanis Foundation 20th Annual 

Chili Cook-Off

January 27, 2019

Set up:   5-6pm

Tasting: 6-7pm


Barbecue dinner and dancing follow

O'Club at Alameda Point

641 West Redline Ave, Alameda


Prizes awarded in two categories: 

People's Choice 

Judges' Choice

Entry Fee:


Chili volume required:

2 gallon minimum




Chili Cook-Off Rules


Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Competitor registration forms (with payment) will be accepted no later than January 19, 2019. Entries may close prior to January 19 when all available spaces have been filled.


Contestants may enter as an individual or team. Teams are limited to three (3) people. Only one chili recipe may be submitted for each entry.


The entry fee includes dinner tickets for two (2) team members. 


For purposes of this event, chili is defined as any kind of meat, or combination of meats, cooked with red chili peppers, various other spices and other ingredients with the exception of fillers such as pasta or rice, which are strictly forbidden. Beans are allowed.


A prepared two-gallon minimum is required for each entry. This means: Bring the chili cooked and ready for tasting and judging at 6pm.

6 Only Sterno is allowed for heating. NO HOT PLATES, CROCK-POTS OR GAS FUELED DEVICES PERMITTED! If you need a serving dish and/or Sterno, Kiwanis can provide that to you.

The chili must heated to 145°F at the start of the 6pm tasting, and maintained at that temperature throughout the event. All meat must be thoroughly cooked. 


Your table space is approximately 3’ x 2’. Contestants are encouraged to set up their equipment and decorations starting at 5pm. You can be as creative as you want in attracting the crowd and getting votes. Wall signage is limited to 3’ x 2’ and must be hung with painters’ masking tape (available on-site).


One ounce portions of chili will be served to the public in tasting cups. Kiwanis will provide tasting spoons and cups for serving the chili. 


When serving chili to the public, no cash may be accepted. Chili may only be served to holders of a valid tasting ticket issued by the Kiwanis Club of Alameda.

11 Chili will be judged in two categories:

(a) Judges’ Choice. A special panel of judges will select winners based on the following characteristics: (1) Taste; (2) Aroma; (3) Bite; (4) Consistency; and (5) Color. (See International Chili Society Traditional Red Chili Characteristics.) 
Samples of each chili entry will be collected in numbered cups at the start of the contest for blind judging.

(b) People’s Choice. The public attendees will cast votes for their favorite chili by depositing “vote tickets” in a container (provided) at your table. Tasting will continue until 7pm or later. When the Kiwanis chili official calls time, vote collection will stop and the vote containers will be collected for counting. 

12 Contestants must be present during the entire time of the competition (serving, judging, etc.) Do not allow tasting by family or visitors prior to the official opening of the chili tasting at 6pm.
13 Each team is responsible for completely policing and cleaning up their area at the end of the tasting and removing all items from the area. No items shall be allowed to remain after the close of the event. Anything items remaining after the event will be discarded.
14 No alcoholic beverages may be brought on-site by any team, contestant or guest.  
15 Any individual or team may be disqualified or removed from the competition for failure to adhere to these rules.


All proceeds benefit Alameda charities


Space is limited

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